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Advertising on TV

When you come to an advertising agency, most likely, you have no idea on what channels and in what programs you need to be accommodated. You just bring your product to the agency specialists. They help you to mark out and count your target audience. They recommend the volumes and the necessary budget for accommodation.

With what advertising budget is it worthy to go to the TV? It depends upon your product. For example, it’s useless to advertise a chewing gum with budget of 10 thsd. USD, as this product is of wide usage and it is impossible to "kill" the target audience for 10 thsd. USD. You just will not achieve the number of contacts, necessary for the product to be sold. If it is an exclusive product, for example, a computer equipment, which has 250-300 thsd users, then it is real.

So, you decided to accommodate your product advertising on TV. The world practice shows that in the developed markets the Clients make use of advertising agencies. In principle, the logic is clear: the agencies are engaged in the study of mass media market, they develop different media strategies, as well as create a brand philosophy. In fact, they do nothing more: they do not bottle beer, do not produce cigarettes and do not make ravioli. On the whole, having acquired a complete service in one place, money is saved and the advertising campaign concept completeness is kept. The media planners in the agency will draw an expedient schedule of advertising issue in mass media.


The professional creators will develop a concept of the advertising spot and will write its scenario. The agency will hire specialists in the production-house, who will make these ideas a reality. Besides, the agency will buy the ether time with considerable discounts from a seller, who sells this time.
Moreover, both direct advertising, sponsorship and product placement are effective only in a mix (i.е. in combination with other forms of advertising presence, with other media and different actions). This is always a part of a great campaign. The whole concept is in the advertising agency, then why crush it? It is not said in vain: everybody’s business is nobody’s business.


Having a number of exclusive contracts with national TV channels, the "Focus Media” Advertising Agency accommodates advertising on the following TV channels.

- Moreover, we are able to accommodate your advertising on exclusive terms on TV channels of Armenia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Litva, Moldova, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia.


You can get information about prices by electronic inquiry fm-region@rambler.ru



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