«FOCUS MEDIA GROUP» Advertising Agency (Armenia) is a full-service advertising agency.
For six years the «FOCUS MEDIA GROUP» Advertising Agency (Armenia) has been providing high-level services for advertising, market promotion, advertising campaigns and promotion actions in Yerevan. More than half of Armenia’s Top 100 companies have become our clients during this time.
There are over 100 advertising agencies in Yerevan, however, we stand alone. We have  the largest range of advertising spaces, simple and clear work conditions, trained professionals able to solve almost any task, and also modern work technologies which allow to essentially enhance the quality of our services. Our advertising agency pretends to the first line in the rating, and to confirm our status  we try to work faster and more efficiently than other agencies, therewithal not to lose the essence. We can speak simply about what is complicated, and not vice versa. One can feel comfortable with us.

•"Focus Media” Advertising Agency was established on December 12, 2003.
•Since 2004 the Agency has been honoured to be a representative of the world-known Advertising Agency "Publicis” France in Armenia. Later our Company started to represent the interests of such companies as «Media Pub» (Holland) &ZenithOptimedia.
•Cooperation with the "monsters” of the advertising business allowed us to get to the international level and thus gain the required experience.
•Since 2004 we have been carrying out advertising and marketing campaigns of various levels. We had the honour to introduce such companies as Lufthansa Airlines (Germany) and Siberia Airlines (Russia) in Armenia’s market. We also seriously cooperated with Polyot and UTair Russian Airlines. Over hundred market studies were carried out, in particular,  meat and poultry product market research by order of Gapresource, heating systems research by order of Teploimport Company. Our cooperation with companies go on according to the full performance  of technical assignments. Such a cooperation lasts, as a rule, from one month  to a year. Many companies keep on cooperating even upon expiry  of the primary cooperation.
•For example, Utair Airlines has been cooperating with us for three years already and, of course, this is not exception from the rules, as we  have been alternatively cooperating with the partners, further indicated in the presentation, for over 9 years.  

Being a full-cycle Agency, the "Focus Media Group” Advertising Agency carries out a complex advertising service, offering its Clients the whole spectrum of marketing and advertising services, from conducting full-scale advertising campaigns with utilization of a great number of advertising means, to the advertising product creation.
We try to avoid standard approaches in our work. Having considered each task of the Client as a unique one, we try to solve it not by routine methods. In fact, commercial success of advertising depend upon its singularity, freshness of decision and quality of its performance.
Due to the high professionalism of our staff and availability of modern production basis, all the orders of Clients are executed qualitatively and in the shortest time.


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