Development and Organization of an Advertising Campaign

  • You plan to place a new product/service in Armenia’s market?!
  • You want to increase your product/service market share?!
  • You want your commodity to be talked about and those, who would like to taste it, stood in a queue?

In this case you need development and carrying out of an advertising campaign.

You address us and we:

  • Organize and carry out investigations to study the situation in the market, analyze the obtained results;
  • Investigate and analyze your competitors activity;
  • Study media preferences of your product’s target audience (what, when, how often it is watched, heard, read);
  • On the basis of obtained data we draw up the main provisions of the advertising campaign with description of target audience, sale moments, terms, the advertising campaign goals;
  • Develop and optimal plan for advertising campaign carrying out with indication of possible strategy and tactics, as well as with detailed description of each advertising event and its substantiation;
  • Compile media plans (with optimal combination of the price and number of contacts with target audience) for advertising announcements accommodation in mass media;
  • Provide the advertising campaign budget, based on the goals, tasks, terms of advertising campaign conducting, the proposed strategy and tactics of actions.

Upon completion of the advertising campaign conducting, you receive:

A final report about course of the advertising campaign, about different changes and additions, including photo- and video-report, as well as monitoring of advertising announcements coming out in mass media (radio, press, TV, Internet).

Notes: Advertising elements of an advertising campaign can be changed depending upon its goal.


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