Advertising in Armenian Media

 Advertising in Armenia

Accommodation in mass media

Carrying out of advertising campaigns in mass media is one of the main directions of "Focus Media Group” Advertising Agency activity.


Cooperating with many mass media on exclusive terms, the "Focus Media Group" Advertising Agency provides considerable discounts for advertising accommodation, both extensional, which depend upon size and number of published materials, and specialized, which are granted only to the Clients of our Agency. Owing to this, it is profitable for the Clients to work via us than directly with of one or another mass media’s Advertising Department.


"Focus Media Group” Advertising Agency accommodates advertising in editions, radio stations and TV channels of almost all the regions of Russia. We take upon ourselves all organizational and technical questions of accommodation in regions, as well as we guarantee delivery of already published materials.


Media planning is carried out taking into account efficiency coefficient and is based upon fresh data of marketing investigations in mass media. The target audience coverage, a price for advertising contact, trust of the target group to the carrier and many other factors are taken into account during selection of specific editions, stations, channels, formats and frequency of announcement issue.


During the whole time of advertising campaign conducting, the Client has an opportunity to make changes in the published information, to correct the advertising accommodation plan in mass media jointly with the Agency. We meet the Client in all questions without exception.

Advertising in Armenia

Services, offered by "Focus Media Group” Advertising Agency:

- Advertising accommodation in periodic prints
- Advertising accommodation in specialized prints
- Advertising accommodation on Radio
- Advertising accommodation on TV
- Sponsorship
- Advertising accommodation in regional mass media
- Analysis of the competitors’ advertising
- Media planning
- Advertising accommodation on video cassettes
- Production of audio-spots and advertising spots
- Mass media monitoring


The Agency managers will completely assume coordination, timely supply of materials, the issued advertising quality control and will prepare a report on the advertising campaign results.


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