Bloomberg Parts With Digital Editor Joshua Topolsky

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Bloomberg Parts With Digital Editor Joshua Topolsky Joshua Topolsky, Bloomberg's digital editor, left the company this morning. The departure was amicable and mutually agreed upon, both parties report.

"The last year at Bloomberg has been an incredible experience for me," Topolsky said in a statement this afternoon. "Alongside a brilliant team, I had a chance to rebuild and reinvent what Bloomberg Media was and could be. We built something for the future that I am absurdly proud of.

"It's bittersweet to admit, but my appetite for change is even larger than I expected it to be when I arrived at the company. After many discussions with Justin and John, it was clear that whatever I did next, I needed to do on my own. With nothing but love and admiration for the people I've had a chance to work with and to know, I know that time is right now."

Bloomberg brought Topolsky in last August from The Verge—the tech news site he co-founded in 2011—to head up Bloomberg Digital and relaunch the website. In March, Adweek visited Topolsky's office. "It's a new era at Bloomberg where all of the sides of the news business are really deeply connected—we're just getting started, but it's clear the new way of doing things is having an immediate and positive impact," he told us at the time.

Still, company founder Michael Bloomberg was reportedly frustrated with the website's progress. Bloomberg has been a significant presence in the newsroom since rejoining the company after 12 years as New York's mayor. Topolsky's departure could put increased pressure on Bloomberg Politics, which has invested heavily in new talent and programs in anticipation of the 2016 election.

"Josh did exactly what we hired him to do: We launched two new modern, innovative websites, founded our first regional site in Europe, hit traffic records, became the global leader in business digital video, nearly doubled our social traffic and sparked digital revenue growth by double digits," said Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith. "Bloomberg Media is already a significantly more influential brand because of Josh. We're very grateful for his contributions and will miss him."

Bloomberg Parts With Digital Editor Joshua TopolskyBloomberg Parts With Digital Editor Joshua TopolskyBloomberg Parts With Digital Editor Joshua TopolskyBloomberg Parts With Digital Editor Joshua Topolsky

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