12 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

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12 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week Last week was fascinating on so many levels in so many areas—advertising, politics, sports, you name it. So, we found 12 highly interesting stats on such subjects from the digital-marketing world.

1. Instagram last week debuted features to make the app more newsy, and it appears to be working. For instance, in the first six hours after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage the law of the land, there were 630,000 images posted with #LoveWins, the de facto hashtag for the major cultural development on June 26. People such as Francisco Lachowski were posting images like President Obama shooting rainbow-colored laser beams off a unicorn (see image above).

2. Everyone in advertising was talking about Cannes Lions last week—even the folks who couldn't go, clearly. Twitter marketing platform SocialBro told Adweek discussions around the #CannesLions hashtag were equal to 140,000 tweets during the festival's first five days—or more than 1,000 tweets an hour. 

3. When the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors faced off in the NBA Finals earlier this month, so too did the marquee brand ambassadors for Nike and Under Armour Basketball. Interestingly, MVPindex found that LeBron James posted 15 times about Nike on social media this year compared with Stephen Curry's 46 posts for Under Armour. An average Nike post from James garnered 278,521 likes on Instagram, 61,277 likes on Facebook and 579 retweets. Curry, before the playoffs, couldn't compete with those numbers, but since then, he's catching up. Curry's posts about Under Armour averaged 192,160 Instagram likes, 50,900 Facebook likes and 873 retweets.

4. When branded content appears on Tinder, 20 percent of users approve, or "swipe right," in the dating app's vernacular. Sean Rad, co-founder of Tinder, called that level of engagement "amazing" when he talked to Adweek at Cannes

5. Bolthouse Farms is testing Periscope and Meerkat to see which livestreaming platform is the best marketing tool. As of last week, 650 people had watched Bolthouse's three livestreams across both apps. But Meerkat seems to be winning, overall. From the first week to the third week, Meerkat's audience grew from 25 to 205, while the number of Periscope viewers dropped. Bolthouse had 119 Periscope viewers for the first stream, but by the third stream, it was down to just 62.

6. With its interactive-leaning stories, Time told Digiday that readers are spending an average of 70 seconds.

7. Facebook said nearly 200 million people had 1.2 billion interactions about Father's Day on its platform over the course of that holiday.

8. Twitter conducted a study on how paid and organic messaging on its platform performed for the Fox hit show Empire. According to the microblogging site, the TV program's Promoted Tweets generated 17.5 million impressions in addition to 4.2 million impressions from retweet activity.

9. Gillette is probably worried about Dollar Shave Club, an Internet-based startup that sells razors and other shaving products. Here is why: Dollar Shave Club is now valued at $615 million, per The Wall Street Journal, and forecasts $140 million in revenue this year. 

10. Google reported that 59 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds cook in the kitchen with either their smartphones or tablets. Millennials are mobile, indeed—even in their homes.  

11. Smartphone users are 2.5 times more likely to click on mobile ads than on desktop promos on Edmunds.com, according to the automotive website

12. Approximately 66 percent of marketers believe that first-party data provides the truest path to customer understanding and, subsequently, better performance results, according to new research from eConsultancy and Signal.

12 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week12 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week12 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week12 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

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