12 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

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12 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week Another week of intriguing data points has come and gone, and we've curated the 12 most interesting and fun stats that we saw. Check 'em out:

1. According to Web-based data from Amobee Brand Intelligence, Burger Chef was the brand most associated with the critically acclaimed AMC show Mad Men between April 1 and May 11. Burger Chef was Sterling Cooper & Partners' key pitch during the last year's first half of season 7 of Mad Men, so that storyline really carried over. (While Burger Chef was a real fast-food chain, it was swallowed up by Hardee's and disappeared as a name in 1996.) IBM took second place, as its brand was 90 percent as associated with Mad Men as Burger Chef.

2. More than 40 percent of the 2,784 global consumers recently surveyed by SDL said their worst customer experience occurred via digital channels. Oof.

3. How about a little distinctly more positive news? Mediabong—which announced a $5 million Series B round of funding on May 13—said it achieved a 90 percent "video-through rate" for L'Oréal in a recent five-week ad campaign across various publishers. Video-through rate (VTR) measures the number of pre-roll video ad impressions served divided by the promos viewed in 100 percent of the video player for half the spot, per the Paris-based company.

4. Percolate is evidently killing it, raising $40 million in funding last week and stating that its revenues are growing 165 percent yearly. The New York-based social media agency gets brands like Unilever, GE, Chobani, Pinterest, Heineken and Converse in front of consumers on Snapchat and Instagram.

5. Social and mobile media get all the attention, but email and direct mail aren't exactly dead. In fact, the Blumenthal Performing Arts in Charlotte, N.C., says it is getting response rates between 50 percent and 60 percent in the channels thanks to better data-based targeting.

6.  Popkey, a GIF-based mobile app that seems ripe for repeat usage among the millennial set, tells us that around only 50 percent of its undisclosed number of users open the app once a month. Since its content seems fun and potentially addictive, one would think it have a higher open rate.

7. Food trucks have long loved social media, and now foodie festivals are getting into the act. For instance, in the past six months, Harlem EatUp has grown its Instagram followers by 6.9 times, its Facebook fans have spiked 4.3 times, and Twitter followers are up 2.7 times.

8. KitKat sent out 600,000 candy bars in the United Kingdom with wrappers that said "YouTube Break" instead of the normal brand. Just what online video binge watchers need—sugar.

9. Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters tomorrow on Friday with 300,000 Snapchat followers in tow. It's a safe bet that an unusually high number of those millennials bought tickets. Nice work, marketing team at Universal Pictures.

10. Agency Cake and eMarketer surveyed 300 industry players and found that 56 percent of marketers expected to increase their analytics budgets over the next 12 months.

11. At least 85 people literally watched paint dry on Periscope on May 14 in an interesting effort by paint seller Glidden.

12: Digital marketing company eYeka recently wrapped up a video contest for Nescafe drawing 60 submissions from 24 countries that the Nestle-owned brand deemed a success. Check out the winning video below.

12 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week12 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week12 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week12 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

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