Infographic: How Women Discover and Share Videos

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Infographic: How Women Discover and Share Videos The typically packed houses at the Digital Content NewFronts this week underscore the heightened importance of digital video to brands.

But as each content hub promotes its own new offerings and advertising perks, what you're unlikely to hear is a candid discussion about how consumers shift among all these sites in their daily Internet travels. What really gets shared where, and why? 

SheSpeaks, a marketing company focused on women, shared new data with Adweek based on 2,456 surveys in March with women of all ages about their video-consumption habits. Since nearly 100 percent used YouTube, SheSpeaks created an infographic showing which social sites were gaining ground against the video powerhouse.

Here are a couple quick hits:

Eighty-three percent said they discover videos on Facebook, followed by "websites" (54 percent), word of mouth (49 percent), blogs (36 percent), Twitter (27 percent) and Instagram (21 percent).

As for sharing clips, Facebook also led the way at 71 percent, with the rest of the list being email (41 percent), their computer screens (37 percent)—as in actually turning to another person and saying, "Look at this"—Twitter (27 percent), Instagram (13 percent) and personal blogs (12 percent).

On the findings, Guy Yalif, vp of global marketing at video ads company BrightRoll, said, "It feels like discovering television is a social activity."

Yalif also suggested that insights around female viewing habits can feed into more effective brand advertising. "Savvy marketers that are targeting women are able to leverage tools that let them put data to work," he said. "[Tools] such as ad-effectiveness optimization and pricing management to efficiently reach women."

Here's another interesting data point: For all YouTube's popularity, less than half of the women surveyed subscribed to a branded channel on the site. "They are not always finding content that is relevant to them," said Aliza Freud, CEO and founder of SheSpeaks.

Check out the full SheSpeaks' infographic below.

Infographic: How Women Discover and Share Videos

Infographic: How Women Discover and Share VideosInfographic: How Women Discover and Share VideosInfographic: How Women Discover and Share VideosInfographic: How Women Discover and Share Videos

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