Ad of the Day: Still Need Reasons to Vote? This PSA Campaign Offers Nearly 100

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Ad of the Day: Still Need Reasons to Vote? This PSA Campaign Offers Nearly 100
What do you care about? Is it gun control? Justice for sexual assault victims? Healthcare? Mental health? Reproductive rights? Immigration? 

Whatever tugs your cord, #VoteYourFuture has it covered. The nonpartisan initiative is a passion project from Anonymous Content CEO Steve Golin, who hopes to boost electoral participation this critical year.

The campaign kicks off with a general appeal video, not unlike ones you've seen before. The difference here is the diversity of deeply private why's that infuse causes with meaning. In one emotional moment, Wilmer Valderrama says, "Our community comes here, waves a flag like everybody else—in unity. We take the jobs that people assume don't exist ... And somehow we're taking those jobs from people." His voice breaks.

If you have less than three minutes, you're covered, too. Nearly 100 celebrities and online influencers participated in the project overall, producing almost as many short films that feel conversational and personal. 

Participants include Hollywood talent like Julia Roberts, Eva Longoria, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julianna Margulies, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, and Edward Norton, as well as influencers like Kendall Jenner, Hannah Hart, Anna Akana and Melvin Gregg. Directors include Alejandro G. Iñarritu, David O. Russell, Tom McCarthy, Joss Whedon and Armando Bo.

Voter turnout tends to be pretty low among those age 18 to 29. The charm of this work—apart from the enormous boost it will get from so many famous shares—is that it reminds us what all this politicking is for: Elections affect us, and people we care about, in ways we sometimes can't imagine. Even when we know this, we often forget that we, too, can impact the outcome.

As Olivia Wilde so nicely put it, "You're the boss. So hire the right person to make this country what you think it should be."

Below, Ken Jeong talks healthcare:

Hannah Hart discusses mental health reform:

Lamorne Morris talks about education and living conditions for those in poverty:

John Slattery talks gun control:

Minka Kelly on climate change:

Yvonne Orji on immigration reform:

Diego Boneta Cares on racial equality:


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Ad of the Day: Still Need Reasons to Vote? This PSA Campaign Offers Nearly 100

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