Ad of the Day: Coors Light Celebrates Overcoming Adversity With Documentary-Style Spot

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Ad of the Day: Coors Light Celebrates Overcoming Adversity With Documentary-Style Spot
Is Coors Light's new campaign an ad for the beer brand or for a fashion designer? Well, it's kind of both.

In a new documentary-style spot, Coors Light shifts from schlepping beer to a long-form piece that tells the story of a Los Angeles-based fashion designer and entrepreneur named Shezi. Shezi says that he has always dreamed about opening up his own shop—and got close to finally doing so—before a heart tumor pushed back his plans last year.

After learning about Shezi's past, racing music kicks in and we follow Shezi on his journey to recovery, ultimately ending in a kick-off party to finally open his store called OU:RS in Hollywood (there is also an ecommerce site).

"Doctors would tell me to walk three times a day, and I would walk five times a day. I started getting stronger and that's when you can't stop me," he says in the spot.

There is also a Hispanic version of the clip with subtitles.

Besides branding at the beginning and end of the clip, a Coors Light bottle only makes a brief appearance during the party scene, which is by design. The two-and-a-half minute spot is Coors Light's first piece of branded content for a web series dubbed "My Climb. My Story." that will include more films during the next year. The spot will be shared to Coors Light's Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

72andSunny has been developing the brand's broader lifestyle appeal and moving away from humorous ads since winning the account last year. In the agency's first work for the brand in February, it focused on the brand's own "mountain" and story.

"Now we wanted to go out and find real people, helping them tell their story to inspire others facing obstacles on their journey," a rep for 72andSunny said. "This branded content series is a way for us to focus on fresh, diverse voices in culture."

"We searched broadly for unexpected and compelling stories of real people taking on challenges, bringing the campaign idea to life. When Shezi's story surfaced, we instantly fell in love with his dynamic character and incredible perspective. His story was exactly what we had in mind and we're so excited to help share it."


Client: Coors Light

Chief Executive Officer: Gavin Hattersley

Chief Marketing Officer: David Kroll

Sr. Marketing Director, CFOB: Elina Vives

Sr. Marketing Manager: Danielle Rappoport

Associate Marketing Manager: Jamie Lugo

Director, Marketing Communications, MillerCoors: Scott Bussen


Group Creative Director: Frank Hahn

Creative Director/Designer: Galen Graham

Creative Director/Writer: Jed Cohen

Sr. Designer: Gabo Curielcha

Sr. Writer: Francisco Puppio

Jr. Writer: Matt Fink

Jr. Designer: Chris Ruh

Group Strategy Director: Matt Johnson

Strategy Director: Robyn Pocrnich

Jr. Strategist: Chelsea Gilroy

Data Strategist: Annie Yuan

Group Brand Director: James Stephens

Brand Director: Andrew Krensky

Brand Manager: Jena Casiean

Brand Coordinator: Brittany Lewis

Community Manager: Sofia Hexsel

Business Affairs Director: Christina Rust

Business Affairs Manager: Noah Winter

Business Affairs Coordinator: Tempest Johnson

Group Production Director: Nicole Haase

Executive Film Producer: Jim Haight

Sr. Film Producer: Lindsey Wood

Film Producer: Jamie Glass

Jr. Film Producer: Chloe Scott


Production Company: HECHO EN 72

Director: Daniel Addelson

Director of Photography: Logan Triplett

Hecho Creative Director: Evan De Haven

Senior Producer: Jonny Edwards

Line Producer: Brian Armstrong

Jr. Producer: Michael Bergin

Colorist: Logan Triplett

Editors: Daniel Addelson, Aaron Leichter, Amanda Tuttle and Stevo Chang

Ad of the Day: Coors Light Celebrates Overcoming Adversity With Documentary-Style Spot

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