8 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

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8 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week
The past week has been fruitful when it comes to digital marketing stats being revealed. The following eight in particular caught our eye:

1. What brands shouldn't do

Almost 58 percent of social media users find the number of promotional posts by marketers to be annoying, according to Sprout Social, which surveyed more than 1,000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users. Check out more numbers from its third-quarter study below.

2. American vs. British VR

According to ClickZ Intelligence, 37 percent of U.S. consumers—in a poll of 1,000 people here and 1,000 folks in the United Kingdom—have tried out a virtual reality headset. That figure is almost double that of the U.K., where only 19 percent of people have tried one out.

3. Snappin' in the U.S.A.

EMarketer yesterday predicted that Snapchat's American user base will jump nearly 14 percent next year to 66.6 million people. The New York-based researcher also reiterated that it expected Snapchat to near $1 billion ($935.5 million) in ad sales during 2017, generating 95 percent of such revenues in the U.S.

4. Big mobile win for sneaker seller

Speaking of Snapchat, one in five Snapchat users have played Under Armour's new interactive game on the mobile app, averaging 78 seconds of activity, per early data from the effort. Nineteen percent of the users who played shared the game with one or more friends, per Snapchat

5. It's not just for show

There's always plenty of hubbub around the ad world's Upfront events for TV and the Digital Content Newfronts for online video. But do they actually impact how brands end up spending their dollars? Well, Advertiser Perceptions surveyed 310 advertiser and agency higher-ups in the United States, finding that 51 percent said this year's presentations had a positive impact. That figure was up from 44 percent in 2015. 

6. Slack's talent diversity

Silicon Valley has a bad reputation for being too white, too male and generally noninclusive. Slack, the burgeoning workflow platform, flips the script in that regard, as 43 percent of the San Francisco-based player's managers are women, while about 9 percent of its engineers are black.   

Speaking at the first inaugural South by South Lawn at The White House on Monday, Slack co-founder Stewart Butterfield said, "There are arguments that diverse teams will have better business results, and that seems plausible, but that's not why we do it."

He went on to explain that there are more benefits to diverse teams than a company's bottom line. Read more about what Butterfield had to say here

7. AI demonstrated—several dozen times

To promote Amazon Echo, Amazon's marketers have created more than 100 video ads that are 10 seconds long. The point of the campaign—which is styled in a question-and-answer motif—is to help audiences become more comfortable with Echo's "speaking" artificial intelligence feature, known at Alexa. You can check out many of the spots here.

8. Fun video creates quite a good stink

Poo-Pourri has created an online film division called Number 2 Productions, and its first effort, dubbed How to Poop at a Party (below), has gone viral. Within 48 hours of going live on YouTube, the ad was viewed roughly 2.5 million times. Check it out below. 

8 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

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