Pampers Is No. 1 When It Comes to Brand Experience, According to New Report

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Pampers Is No. 1 When It Comes to Brand Experience, According to New Report
If you've ever wondered if it was possible to actually rank brands based on consumer experience and data, you're not alone. WPP's Group XP unit has been curious too and now they have some answers.

According to a new report, Group XP's The Experience Index, which considered revenue, branding, store design, content, online presence and data from Millward Brown and BrandZ, Pampers ranks No. 1 when it comes to brand experience, with Disney, Paypal, DHL and Facebook rounding out the top five (see full list below). 

"This is the first time we've attempted to leverage the hard data and insight, based on BrandZ's largest and most substantive, ongoing consumer brand survey, to quantify the financial value of well-managed and delivered brand experiences," said Iain Ellwood, worldwide strategic growth director for Brand Union, which is part of Group XP. (Group XP is made up of Brand Union, retail and brand consultancy FITCH and brand experience agency SET and SET Live.) 

Added Ellwood: "It takes the conjecture out of the amorphous idea of 'brand experience' and assigns statistically sound financial metrics and customer impact to its impressive contribution to brand value." 

According to Ellwood, Group XP wanted to move past the idea that the "'experience' of certain celebrated brands" was actually the best consumer experience. "It took for us to decode and categorize the elements of brand experience from the bottom up to really draw out how innovative approaches to business models and technologies specifically come together to create customer experiences that can generate completely new revenue streams," said Ellwood.

"It creates a way for companies and brands to measure experience and to use those metrics to improve their experience over time," added Ellwood. "As a result, we believe the Experience Index is a breakthrough study that will change how companies and brands view the value of experience and manage their marketing and media mix."

Check out the top 30 global brands: 

  1. Pampers

  2. Disney

  3. PayPal

  4. DHL

  5. Facebook

  6. Apple

  7. Google

  8. IKEA

  9. UPS

  10. Visa

  11. Nike

  12. Huggies

  13. FedEx

  14. Southwest

  15. Deutsche Post

  16. Amazon

  17. Samsung

  18. Sky

  19. Ecover

  20. Tesla

  21. Colgate

  22. Omo

  23. BMW

  24. Bose

  25. IBM

  26. Adidas

  27. Verizon

  28. Mercedes-Benz

  29. Under Armour

  30. Ferrari

Pampers Is No. 1 When It Comes to Brand Experience, According to New Report

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