Hillary Clinton Is Now Co-Hosting Her Own Podcast

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Hillary Clinton Is Now Co-Hosting Her Own Podcast
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton—former first lady, U.S. senator and U.S. secretary of state—can now add podcast co-host to her resume.

Today, the Clinton campaign debuted the first episode of "With Her," a podcast co-hosted with former journalist and current podcast host Max Linsky.

The campaign's website doesn't offer too many details or teasers about future episodes other than a brief description: "What's it like to be on the road to history? Running for president is a big deal, but on With Her, you'll hear from Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, their supporters and staff about the little details from the campaign trail they'll never forget."

The first episode, "Hi, Hillary," was recorded during a campaign stop in Miami and features an intimate conversation between Linsky and the Democratic nominee.

Linsky: "Uhhhh....Before we get started, I have a question for you."

Clinton: "Yes?"

Hillary Clinton Is Now Co-Hosting Her Own Podcast

Hillary Clinton and podcast host Max Linsky (center) will discuss the candidate's daily routines on the trail. Photo: Hillary Clinton for America

Linsky: "What should I call you?"

Clinton: "You can call me whatever you want. You can call me Hillary, you can call me Madam Secretary, you can call me 'hey you.' Anything you want."

Linsky: "I'm not going to call you 'hey you,' but I'll call you Hillary."

In Episode 1, Clinton talks about her day-to-day routines, the people she meets on the trail and the issues she's trying to get across.

During the campaign, Clinton has at times struggled to portray herself as the kind of person that everyday Americans can connect with. However, the podcast gives her another way to let listeners get a glimpse of her life as she campaigns across the country over the next 90 days.

Linsky is no stranger to podcasts. The co-founder of Pineapple Street Media has worked to produce shows for The New York Times, actress Lena Dunham and Wieden+Kennedy. He's also the co-host of the Longform Podcast, which features interviews with narrative journalists and other nonfiction writers about their work. Recent Longform episodes featured author (and now podcaster) Malcolm Gladwell, Vox.com founder Ezra Klein and Vice Magazine editor in chief Ellis Jones.

At one point in the 17-minute show, Linsky asks Clinton about the moment she walked onto the stage last month during the Democratic National Convention. Linsky noted that after Clinton was introduced by her daughter, Chelsea, she stopped and closed her eyes. He wondered what was going through her mind.

"There was such a rush of emotion," she said. "Being introduced by my daughter was pretty overwhelming. Walking out, seeing her on stage and then this big arena filled with so many thousands of people. The moment just came crashing in on me, and I just had to take a second to let it all come in and feel it."

Hillary Clinton Is Now Co-Hosting Her Own Podcast

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