The GOP's Republican National Convention Mobile App Has Livestreaming and a 360-Degree View

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The GOP's Republican National Convention Mobile App Has Livestreaming and a 360-Degree View
Anyone inside or outside Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland later this month will be able to see all the elephants in the room in more ways than ever before.

Just in time for the Republican National Convention on July 18, the GOP has launched an app for Apple and Android devices that will livestream speeches and broadcast parts of the convention in 360 degrees.

Along with hours of speeches, the app will also help delegates and other attendees navigate the massive Republican get-together. A mapping feature will show hundreds of vendors around the convention hall with turn-by-turn directions.

According to Audrey Scagnelli, the national press secretary for the convention, the app will provide a way for anyone with a smartphone to follow along with the events leading up to the expected nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate.

"I think we've done a phenomenal job of working together as a team," Scagnelli said. "The communications and digital efforts are very much working hand in hand to make sure that we're reaching different audiences and working together. I think that we've reached a lot of different channels."

Development of the app was led by Samantha Osborne, the first female digital director in convention history. Google is the official livestreaming partner for the convention and will be hosting a YouTube channel for those who want to follow along online outside of the GOP app. It's still unclear how much of the convention will be filmed in 360 degrees, but Scagnelli said the plan is to shoot as much as possible.

Last month, the GOP launched a Snapchat channel, which it plans to use to feature behind-the-scenes content from around the convention and show vantage points not available on other channels.

"We'll be sharing every major thing that's happening in the Quicken Loans Arena," Scagnelli said. "This is the first time the convention has had a Snapchat, and I think this app is one of the ways we're working to reach people and communicate and share information that I think is really from a digital perspective across many different platforms reaching different audiences and and really bringing the convention to anybody who's interested."

The GOP's Republican National Convention Mobile App Has Livestreaming and a 360-Degree View

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