Wendy's Summer Campaign Plays Off the Boom in Recipe Videos—but With a Twist

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Wendy's Summer Campaign Plays Off the Boom in Recipe Videos—but With a Twist
Thanks to the recent popularity of BuzzFeed's Tasty and other food-focused publishers, recipe videos have taken over Facebook news feeds. But that doesn't mean the meals advertised are actually easy enough to make.

So, Wendy's and agency VML created a minute-long spot targeting Facebook users that spoofs recipe videos and doubles as a promotion for the chain's summer blackberry salad. The video pokes fun and exaggerates the long and tedious work that goes into creating dishes worthy of Instagram like pretty salads.

"I don't think a lot of people realize the length that a brand like Wendy's has to go to actually bring in things like fresh blackberries," said Brandon Rhoten, Wendy's vp of advertising, media and digital. "It's definitely a spoof that we thought would look good in someone's Facebook timeline. People are used to consuming this on a regular basis, it's just a little bit of a twist on what they may normally see."

The video tells the story of a woman intent on making a Wendy's salad at home. What at first seems like a simple meal quickly gets out of control once the woman realizes that she needs to grow her own blackberries, a process that takes two years.

Daniel Lobaton, creative director at VML, said the idea for the campaign came from seeing social media chatter about people trying to recreate items from the restaurant's menu.

"When we started digging, we found out that people on Pinterest are actually copying Wendy's recipes," Lobaton said. "When you mix that with the idea of these trending online recipe videos, we had this very simple idea: If you're going to follow the steps to make a Summer Berry salad like Wendy's, let us show you all the steps that went into it."

Using quick cuts and subtitles like you'd see in Facebook videos is meant to hook users initially, but "it quickly grabs you into, 'Ok this is a big brand doing this; this isn't just someone talking about their meatloaf,'" Rhoten said. "Then it quickly moves into this long, crazy story of this woman's obsession with blackberries."

In addition to Facebook and YouTube, the spot also includes 15- and 30-second TV commercials that will run through the summer until the chain runs out of blackberries.

"There is no giant freezer standing by with boxes of blackberries waiting to be shipped out," Rhoten said. "When the blackberries are gone, the salad is gone."

Wendy's Summer Campaign Plays Off the Boom in Recipe Videos—but With a Twist

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