Why This Creative Agency Thinks Boulder, Colorado Is the Perfect Place to Open Up Shop

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Why This Creative Agency Thinks Boulder, Colorado Is the Perfect Place to Open Up Shop
Boulder Heavy Industries is spinning off a new creative agency from its existing digital marketing agency IMM. The new shop, Fact & Fiction, pulls from IMM's creative and strategy departments.

"We saw a lot of that growth coming from strategy and creative led projects over the last three years. The creation of Fact & Fiction gives us a stand-alone agency that is as good at solving brand problems as IMM is at solving the complexities of the modern digital media landscape," Adam Edelman, executive chairman of Boulder Heavy Industries and founder of IMM, said.

The shop's leaders, Zach Baze and Kyle Taylor, couldn't be happier to be setting up shop in Boulder, Colorado. Both Baze and Taylor worked at IMM previously, but originally came from VML. Boulder, they said, is the perfect place to run a creative agency.

"Obviously, Boulder specifically, there is the iconic Crispin culture and that's brought a lot of great talent to the area. A lot of that talent has spread out and opened up shops, so I'd say there's a ton of really smart people and a lot of shops doing wonderful work," Baze, head of strategy for Fact & Fiction, told Adweek.

With that, there's plenty of great talent to find in the area to recruit, either from IMM or other Boulder-based agencies. Another benefit to setting up in Boulder is the collaborative culture that exists there, which the duo said you don't always find when you're working out on the coasts.

"There's a little less of a territorial [attitude] and a little less looking over your shoulder. Here there's more openness to talking about your idea and not worrying about somebody ripping it off," Taylor, head of creative for Fact & Fiction, told Adweek.

In just a few short weeks the agency has managed to nab some big clients and hopes to continue expanding its roster in the coming months. To date, the agency has become the first to work with USA Cycling, according to Baze, and will help the brand "shift perceptions of their entity and clearly communicate their value proposition and changes on behavior," Baze said.

Fact & Fiction will also take on the Evel Knievel Thrill Show & Museum as a client, helping launch the museum at the end of the year while also building out and designing the brand. 

The agency will continue to work in partnership with IMM, a 120-person shop, and lean on the agency's consumer insights and analytics teams. Outside of spinning out the new creative agency, Boulder Heavy Industries had also made a leading investment in Alex Bogusky's video ad platform, Brandzooka.

Why This Creative Agency Thinks Boulder, Colorado Is the Perfect Place to Open Up Shop

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