Vice Returns to Its Action Sports Roots

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Vice Returns to Its Action Sports Roots Vice Sports is returning to its extreme sports roots with the appropriately-titled new section Action.

"The Action section within Vice Sports encompasses everything we've traditionally done: climbing, surf, snow, cycling, really everything in this action sports world," Will Kiersky, the publisher of Vice Sports said. "We want to tell incredible stories from that action space, from a lot of cool surf stories to a lot of great storytelling about how people get to these places."

The North Face is sponsoring Vice Sports' latest section as well as its video series Off Day, which uncovers the story behind the action sports in hand with the athletes. From climber Sam Elias tackling the mountains outside Beirut and learning more about his Lebanese roots, to snowboarder Lucas Debari exploring the backcountry ski town of Haines, Alaska. More episodes will roll out this spring, and not all athletes featured will be sponsored by The North Face.

The publication, which had previously covered action sports, launched a dedicated sports section last summer. Kiersky said he wanted to establish Vice Sports as a place to tell great stories about the "big four American stick and ball sports," then branch out. Vice Sports also recently expanded its international presence to the U.K., Germany and Spain.

Vice will unveil more new offerings at its Digital Content NewFront presentation on Friday.

"Vice Sports is a powerful outlet that executes great storytelling and as a brand deeply invested in encouraging people to get outdoors and explore," Courtney Blacker, brand marketing director for The North Face, said. "We're excited for them to launch a section created specifically for telling the stories of athletes and explorers around the world."

Vice Returns to Its Action Sports RootsVice Returns to Its Action Sports RootsVice Returns to Its Action Sports RootsVice Returns to Its Action Sports Roots

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