Adweek's 10 Most Read Press Stories of 2015

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Adweek's 10 Most Read Press Stories of 2015 Here are the 10 most-read press stories published by Adweek in 2015:

10. Emotional and Effective, Upworthy's Native Ads Have Brought in More Than $10 Million for the Site
In the nine months the native ad program was available during 2014, Upworthy said it generated more than $10 million in revenue for the publisher.

9. Vice Launches Its First Female-Focused Content Hub, Broadly
"The first thing is that there are no fucking comments on the site," the site's editor in chief and director of content, Tracie Egan Morrissey, told Adweek.

8. Gawker Removes Gossip Item That Outed Condé Nast CFO
Online backlash had come swiftly after the story was published in July, even coming from Gawker's own senior writer Adam Weinstein.

7. Maxim Finally Grows Up With New Redesign
Once-hot laddie mag Maxim tried to shed its frat-boy image with a head-to-toe makeover that made its debut last February.

6. Snapchat Debuts Video Ads for 2 Cents a View
At the Daily Mail/Elite Daily Digital Content NewFronts presentation in May, the platform announced it would be unveiling 10-second ads that cost 2 cents per view.

5. Playboy.com Has Grown 258% in a Year Thanks to Its Safe-for-Work Strategy
To further get millennial audiences to read and share its materials, Playboy.com has been employing a safe-for-work (SFW) strategy for its online editorial content. And the publication told Adweek in March that it was working.

4. Sports Illustrated Rolls Out 2015 Swimsuit Issue With Massive Marketing Push
"Our strategy this year was to go bigger across every single channel," the magazine's vp, publisher Brendan Ripp told Adweek last February. "Sports Illustrated has never tried to launch something this big in the experiential space."

3. After Removing Article Critical of Dove, BuzzFeed Says It Wants to Avoid Publishing 'Hot Takes'
But editor-in-chief Ben Smith later republished the site's negative articles about Dove and Monopoly, noting that he had ordered them removed "without any respect to our standards or process."

2. Hot List: These Are the Magazines That Made Everyone Take Notice in 2015
If we learned anything in 2015, it was that the death of print media has been greatly exaggerated.

1. Meet 15 Young Innovators Who Will Change the Magazine Business
As the industry gathered in New York last week for the annual American Magazine Media 360° Conference, Adweek introduced The New Publishers.

Adweek's 10 Most Read Press Stories of 2015Adweek's 10 Most Read Press Stories of 2015Adweek's 10 Most Read Press Stories of 2015Adweek's 10 Most Read Press Stories of 2015

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