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Marketing in Armenia 

Investigations are the most important basis in the planning of the enterprise’s market actions. It is possible to efficiently distribute the enterprise’s resources to the maximum and to correctly choose the goal achievement ways only based upon market investigations analysis results.

Specialists of "Focus Media Group” Marketing Agency carry out a full complex of marketing investigations, starting from the development of investigation methods and program and ending with preparation of an analytical report. The investigations experience has shown that there are no similar situations in the market, that’s why, during development and planning of investigation, we direct our efforts to the solution of individual tasks of the customer.
Main directions of marketing services of the Agency are the following:
- Quantitative Study
- Qualitative Study
- Documentary Studies
- Marketing consulting 

Маркетинг в Армении

"Focus Media Group” Agency offers a marketing consulting for the purpose of full realization of the Client’s initiative in the area of organization, development and intensification of business. Consultants of our Company are ready to perform analysis of the Client business, to reveal problems, to assist in the posing of marketing goals, to determine and implement the most powerful marketing resources for goals achievement.
Marketing consulting
-·    Development and construction of marketing control system
-·    Organization of the process of marketing information collection and use
-·    Development of the enterprise’s marketing strategy
-·    Revelation of problems in marketing and development of measures for their elimination
-·    Other consultations, as related to the Company’s marketing activities, are also possible

Маркетинг в Армении


Competitive reconnaissance
Having possessed of complete information about their competitors and competitive medium, the Company managers and specialists can develop a strategy of development, which is able to lead out the Company to the level higher than their competitors. The further systematic competitive reconnaissance will allow the Company to keep leading positions in its market by operative response to the slightest changes of market situation. Analysis of information about competitors and competitive medium allows the managers and specialists to act ahead of their competitors and make decisions, which only increase competitiveness of the Company, except for decision-making, which causes loss of market positions.
Specialists of the "Focus Media Group” Agency carry out the following types of works in this direction:
- Competitive reconnaissance – collection and analysis of information about competitors and competitive medium.
- Deep investigation of main competitors.
- Development of a strategy for the Company development on the basis of competitive reconnaissance data.
- Consultations for organization of competitive reconnaissance service in the Company.
- Consultations for organization of collection and use of information about competitors.



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