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Dear Sirs!

We welcome you in our web site!
Our rallied team has been working successfully since 2003. So now we have a huge experience in creating and carrying out complex advertising campaigns in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia.

Being a full-cycle Agency, the "Focus Media” Advertising Agency carries out a complex advertising service, offering its Clients the whole spectrum of marketing and advertising services, from conductingfull-scale advertising campaigns with utilization of a great number of advertising means, to the advertising productcreation.

We try to avoid standard approaches in our work. Having considered each task of the Client as a unique one, we try to solve it not by routine methods. In fact, commercial success of advertising depend upon its singularity, freshness of decision and quality of its performance.

Due to the high professionalism ofour staff and availability of modern production basis, all the orders of Clients are executed qualitatively and in the shortest time.

We can declare ourselves as professionals in the advertising field. We are sure that the main things in our work are honesty and decency. For this reason the most of our customers became not only our constant clients but also friends.
There are no standard advertising campaigns for us. We create individual campaign for each client in view of many factors inherent in this client. Our pluses are mobility, efficiency and of course optimal prices.


Thank you for Attention !!!


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